3 loop band exercises for piriformis and glute strengthening

Today I have another quick loop band workout for piriformis and glute strengthening. I’ve been including the loop band into my glute strengthening routines almost all the time.  Don’t have a loop band? no worries. You can still do this workout..but having that resistance around your thighs helps you fire up the glute muscles instantly, and maintain proper form.

Tip: If you often have issues squatting, and keeping your knees right above your feet, you can use a loop band to help you maintain proper form. You’re much more likely to press against the band as you squat down. I have a DETAILED blog post on how to squat, and how to avoid the most common mistakes here. I suggest you go through that post as well because it contains some very useful nuggets of info.

PS: Make sure the loop band you buy have enough resistance. These are loop band are the ones I recommend.

Today’s low impact workout is very easy on the joints. If you’ve experienced a flare-up, or injury in that area, and you’re ready to start moving, but unsure what to do, these exercises are very safe, and very easy on your muscles as well.

You can start with few repetitions, and monitor how you feel. If you encounter any pain, or spasms please take a break from the exercise. Your body is always giving you signals of what’s working, and what’s not all the time. Always listen and take notes.

3 loop band exercises for piriformis and glute strengthening

  1. Side to side walks: make sure you are tightening your side glute muscle every time you walk sideways. A lot of time we can compensate with your hip flexors, or low back. I like to place my hand on my glutes so I can feel the muscle contracting.
  2. Hip hinge to leg lift: This is not a squat. You will simply push your glutes backwards as far as you can, while keeping your back straight. It’s normal to feel a stretch in your hamstrings. You’ll then lift your leg to the side. Again, this exercise focuses on the glute medius muscle, and helps integrate the core as well.
  3. Standing abduction circles: This exercise adds circular motion to the hip abduction, which transforms the movement into a full hip mobilization. So you are strengthening the glute medius muscle, while also mobilizing your hips, and helping them move better.

Again, you DON’T need a loop band to do this workout. I simply love adding it for extra resistance, and because it really helps you target the side glute muscle (glute medius). You can totally do it without, just make sure you always keep your glutes tight 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this piriformis and glute strengthening workout! If you want to see something on the blog, let me know!