5 Stretches for Lower Back Pain and Hip Pain

Today I’m going to share with you 5 amazing and little-known stretches and mobility exercises to help you reduce lower back pain and increase hip mobility. They’ll also help you re-align your joints to improve your posture.

These are 5 of my most favorites lower back pain stretches, and they can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

If you’re familiar with my work, you know that I’m not a fan of mindless stretching. Because It can easily turn into a quick-fix.

The relief you get is mainly due to the stretch reflex. And shortly after stretching, you feel tight again. It’s a never-ending cycle.

So use stretching mindfully. It should always balance out your strengthening routine. If you want to read more about why stretching a lot can actually harm your progress, check out my blog post: Why your lower back pain stretches aren’t working.

5 Stretches for Lower Back Pain and Hip Pain

You don’t have to follow exactly through the sequence. It’s best to spread these stretches throughout the day so you can keep your body moving.

Lower Back Pain Stretches – Breakdown

Foam roller – Lat Stretch

This is a fantastic stretch to open up your lats. Most people have very tight lats and quadratus lumborum (ql) muscles. When you experience lower back pain, the best way to get immediate relief is by releasing these muscles. You can also use a massage ball to target them but since today we’re focusing on stretches, this stretch gets the job done. I’m using the roller to add elevation so you can get a deeper stretch.

90 Degree Chair Stretch

This exercise will help you realign your hips, and give you immediate relief from lower back pain. I love this exercise!

By disengaging your shoulders, you’ll get a deeper lat stretch as well. I do this exercise a few times a day (Especially after a back workout).

Hip Flexor Stretch

Pay attention to how you’re stretching your hip flexors. As I mention in the video, make sure you’re not just moving your body forward (there is no change in angle)…

…you want to perform a backward pelvic tilt so you can target your hip flexors. If you rotate slightly to the side you’ll be able to also target the Psoas major.

Hip Mobility Drills

These mobility drills are amazing hip openers. You’ll be able to get into that deep squat without placing any load on your spine. You can also use a wall to help you get into that full squat position.

Chest Opener

Why am I including a shoulder stretch inside a lower back pain stretches blog post? Well, if your shoulders are internally rotated, your chest will tighten up…leading to the forward-head-rounded-shoulders posture, which creates upper back pain. Load on the discs (forward-head posture) will result in lower back pain.

Remember that everything is connected. You want to always work on your whole body and make sure no areas are overdeveloped, underdeveloped or out of balance.

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