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5 ultimate lower back pain – piriformis syndrome exercises

5 lower back pain exercises to do at home or in the office!

What is the number 1 thing almost everyone is advised to do (or think of doing) when having an episode of lower back pain? stretching. stretching. and stretching.


While stretching is so beneficial for restoring flexibility and joints health, overdoing it usually backfires if done for too long, or when stretching is simply not what is needed in your case (as you may think that the lack of stretching is what may have caused back pain).

For a healthy balance body, you want to be strengthening and stretching.  I like to think of it as stretching what is tight and strengthening what is weak.


And because the majority of people spend 80% of their time sitting; the core and glutes get weaker and weaker overtime, and they end up with back pain. This is then followed by further stretching the muscles that were weak and long in the first place.  A better way of doing it? Stretching the hip flexors (tend to get too tight – short muscles) and strengthening the glutes (too weak)

PS: don’t forget to grab your back pain kit!

This quick workout will seriously “reawaken” your dormant glutes and core muscles.  I usually do one set of each exercise in the morning and sometimes after my daily workouts.

Benefits of glutes and core strengthening to alleviate lower back pain

  • Stabilize your postural muscles
  • strengthens the mind-body connection relative to space (bird-dog exercise)
  • strengthens your nervous system (improves nerves health)
  • Reduces muscle compensation

Today I am sharing with you 5 lower back pain exercises that will seriously make a difference in your back pain healing phase. Especially if all you do most of the time is stretching. You can do this routine anywhere. All you need is the floor and your warrior self 😉


Let’s do this!

The 5 lower back pain exercises

Back extensions – chest opener: 10 reps

5 lower back pain exercises to alleviate and heal back pain | heal sciatica and piriformis syndrome with these exercises

Lay on your stomach. Lift your chest upward and make sure your hands are exteriorly rotated (thumbs facing outwards). This will make sure you open up your chest fully. Hold for few seconds (2-3) and lower back down. Squeeze your low back muscles as you perform this movement.

 Bird dog: 12 reps alternating

5 lower back pain exercises to alleviate and heal back pain | heal sciatica and piriformis syndrome with these exercises

This exercise is amazing for lower back and core strength. Start with your hands relatively under your shoulders and knees under your hips.  Start raising your left arm and reach forward while also raising your right leg backwards. Make sure you are not rotating your torso and keep your core engaged to maintain your balance. Then slowly start bringing your raised arm towards your raised knee. If you are a beginner and this exercise is already a challenge for you. Simply bring your arm and leg back (skip the opposite arm to knee touch) and repeat the movement with opposite arm to leg.

 Back extensions – legs lifted: 15 reps

5 lower back pain exercises to alleviate and heal back pain | heal sciatica and piriformis syndrome with these exercises

Lay on your stomach and relax your body on the floor or with your arms resting on the sides (your arms should not be working in this exercise). Squeeze your low abs muscles, glutes and start lifting your legs off the floor. Make sure you are not just lifting your calves but your legs and glutes also. You will feel a contraction in your low back area. Hold for 1-3 seconds and slowly go back down. Breathe throughout the whole exercise


 Bird dog planks: 10 reps alternating

5 lower back pain exercises to alleviate and heal back pain | heal sciatica and piriformis syndrome with these exercises

Start in a full plank position. Keep your core and abs fully tight. This exercise is not a time challenge, meaning take your time to complete each rep with a good form. Lift your opposite arm and leg while stabilizing your body with your core. Then slowly bring your knee to elbow as close as possible. You can skip the last step if it is too challenging and simply go back to the starting plank position and repeat the first movement with your other opposite arm and leg.

 Supermans: 15 reps

5 lower back pain exercises to alleviate and heal back pain | heal sciatica and piriformis syndrome with these exercises

Lay down on your stomach. This time both your best and your legs will go off the floor. Stabilize your body by keeping your abs tight and engaged. Lift your chest and glutes/legs up – hold for few seconds and slowly come back down and repeat.

As you can see. This workout is pushing you to do the complete opposite of what you are doing all day long. While we sit hunched over, typing, texting and driving, our shoulders and chest tighten up while our glutes get weaker and weaker.

The back extension and superman exercises are counteracting the hyperflexion (rounded shoulders – neck and chest) as you hyperextend (exterior rotation and restoring posture).


It is important to take few minutes every day to balance your posture with these exercises. They will also strengthen your weak glutes and core muscles that remain dormant most of the day due to inactivity.


That’s it for now friends. I have been away from the blog as I was visiting Toronto for a wellness event, but I will be back for more workout blog posts and low carb recipes.

Don’t forget to come say hi and join the conversations in our facebook warriors group!

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  • Brian says:

    Hey, great exercises. I just started them today because I think I have pulled something when I wad deadlifting yesterday. It’s nothing serious though, but those exercises should help!

    • Coach Sofia says:

      Awesome Brian! glad to help out. Deadlifting is a great exercise WHEN done right..this workout trains the postural muscles which are key to maintaining a proper posture during the deadlift

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