8 WAYS TO MOVE YOUR BODY – when you have no time

We both strongly know that exercise is so important to maintain a healthy balanced body. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or not (especially if you are suffering from chronic pain), moving every is a must. There is no such thing as a “rest day”. Just as you brush your teeth before bed, you should also move your body, stretch and sweat everyday.

I know you have 99 + things to do in a day, and when I mention the word “exercise” I know you will have many reasons ready to throw at me, to why you can’t do it.
So lets skip that part for a bit, and talk about 8 ways you CAN exercise everyday.
I sincerely understand how busy you are. I go through the same struggles every. single. day. So in this post, I take that into consideration; yet I still want to give you a boost to pick yourself up right now, and work on an exercise plan using the tips I will list below.

Let’s jump in

 10 ways you can exercise your body everyday, and still maintain your schedule.

1. No gym, no problem!

You don’t need to travel 3 hours to access a gym. If you can’t hit a gym near you, then find some space where you can set up your own home gym. Check out my post on how to build your home gym under $100. The post lists some home based equipments I purchased from Amazon.com under $100. However, you can literally exercise daily using your own bodyweight!


I worked out at home every single day this week, and my muscles are pretty darn sore! And did I mention it was all bodyweight?

2. No time to exercise? create time 😉

Are you always struggling to make it to that evening fitness class? “gotta find parking, drive back and make dinner, maybe finish more work..”

How about you make some time before the life craziness even starts? Can you imagine how much you can get done by waking up half an hour or an hour earlier than normal?  There are so many benefits to waking up early; including having the time to get a workout done. A great resource to learn this is The Perfect Day Formula. An amazing book that teaches you how to structure your day for maximum achievement. 
Action: Wake up half an hour earlier and do a 15 minutes high intensity workout, you have 15 minutes to shower.

When you set the goal of exercising everyday, in your mind, and want it so badly; believe me, you will wake up feeling energized and excited to get that exercise time in.

You can pick one of the exercise examples from the bodyweight exercise spreadsheet (see below), get an amazing workout in 15 minutes, and you have another 15 minutes to shower and get ready for your day. I can’t even begin to list all the benefits of working out early in the morning.

3. Hit the stairs

Do you have stairs at home? If not, you may have stairs at work. Take a break at lunch or after work, walk up the stairs and down 2 or 3 times, then rest for 10 to 20 seconds and repeat for a total of 10-12 minutes. This will work your legs, glutes, core and give you an amazing conditioning exercise!

Take advantage of all the stairs around you. It is like having a free stairmaster machine available to you at anytime! how cool is that?

4. Bodyweight exercises are you best friend. Your body is your gym!

Bodyweight exercises are my favorite thing to do each and every day. I absolutely love the benefits and I personally believe that every person should master bodyweight exercises FIRST, before jumping to using weights. Bodyweight exercises build strength, endurance, balance, and tone your whole body.
Bodyweight exercises can be amazingly beneficial, when done right, and will make a huge difference in your physique if you keep the intensity up, and challenge your body every time. A type of bodyweight training that I highly recommend is high intensity interval training. A lot of fitness professionals and athletes focus on bodyweight training and have achieved amazing results. So can you!

High intensity interval training: rotating between intervals of high intensity exercise, followed by slower recovery periods. 

High intensity interval training is an amazing fat burner.  The high intensity periods get your body to use up oxygen at a fast rate to generate energy and repair the muscles.

This will create a metabolic oxygen demand (oxygen dept), which will lead to a high work done by your body to pay off the oxygen debt and restore the body to its normal state. That is the best part. When your body is working hard to pay off the oxygen debt (after the workout), that is when you will be burning even more calories, lasting up to 24 hours!

5. Get an accountability workout buddy

Having someone there to help you move towards your goal is so important. Find yourself an accountability workout buddy and plan activity times together. This will push you to stick to your plan, and not find excuses to miss a session. This person can be a coworker or close friend that shares the same goal as you.

6.  Ditch the convenience, park your car 10 minutes away and jog your way home

Do you also get so excited to find the perfect parking spot? the one where you can watch your car from your window?

I do too 😉 BUT, I also do park like 5 minutes away sometimes just for the sake of MOVING my body.

Let’s make a deal. Next time, try to park at a fair distance from your destination (home, work, a mall). You can either walk, or even jog to get to your destination.

You can even make it an interval jog.

Think of how many times you use your car in a day, the possibilities are endless to get a good exercise out of that. Even better! Skip the whole driving thing and walk all the way if you can. Start small by doing it once a week, and work your way up to twice to three times a week.

7. Grab your bike today

I agree that this one requires effort from your end, but it’s totally doable and worth it.
I personally haven’t been biking a lot, as I am still taking care of a low back pain injury (Read my post here for the story) AND I live in a place where we have 6 months of snow.

If you do have a bike, you enjoy biking and you live in a warm place where it is safe for you to do it. Then why don’t you pick up your bike 1-3 times a week and use it to get to work, or run errands. It is an amazing full body exercise. I am looking forward to introducing biking into my daily activities once my back is 100%.

8. Use your lunch break wisely!

You can accomplish so much in your lunch break hour. Just like waking up an hour earlier everyday, you can also use your lunch hour to get some exercise done. I do this everyday; I love going for a walk and listening to audiobooks, webinars and seminar recordings. I not only get a physical exercise walking one hour every day, bu I also feed my mind the right stuff.
Did you know that an individual weighing between 140-250 lbs can burn 3000 calories in 10 days, by walking an hour




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