9 Glute And Hip Strengthening Exercises (Stabilize Your Hips and Lower Back)

Today I’m gonna be sharing with you 9 glute strengthening exercises that are completely squat free to help you strengthen your gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and the piriformis as well.

Why You Should Strengthen The Glutes

Your glutes are designed to be the strongest muscles in your body. Yet, they remain dormant the majority of the time. Sitting shuts down the glutes and hamstrings and over time you start compensating with your lower back muscles and the piriformis.

Tightness in the hip flexors and lower back pain inhibits the glutes even more and you end up with a mixture of chronic hip pain, lower back pain, and spasms.

Here’s a step-by-step video post on how to release the PSOAS muscle (the biggest hip flexor muscle in your body). The link will open in a new tab!

The TFL is another hip muscle that gets chronically tight…here’s how to release the TFL muscle with a foam roller!

Should You Exercise If You’re In Pain?

Of course, if you’re in a lot of pain right now, I DON’T recommend you start with exercises. I know this sounds like the complete opposite of the typical advice you get or read online. But your goal when you’re in pain is to settle the pain through avoiding the pain triggers (what caused the pain) and to relax your nervous system and release the spasms. If you push your body to do more exercises, more stretches and more of everything, your muscles will resist you and you’ll feel worse.

If you need help pinpointing your pain triggers, check out my blog post here on how to find out what’s causing your daily back pain.

Now, once the pain is under control, you do need to correct your glute and core weaknesses. These muscles are there to stabilize your lower back and help you function normally.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why people refuse to strengthen and fix the root cause, and just want quick fixes like injections. Is investing a few minutes a day to strengthen your body really that hard?

Check out the deep core mini-training to learn how to tap into your deep core muscles.

Below you’ll find a short video that goes through 9 of my favorite glute strengthening exercises. These exercises will target all the 3 main glute muscles (glute med, glute max, and glute minimus). Once these muscles are engaged throughout the day you’ll get long-term relief and less pain and flare-ups.

Pick 1-3 exercises to start with (I’m not suggesting you do all 9). And stick to those and track your progress and how you feel/

Only add more repetitions or sets when you feel ready. Never exercise during a bad flare-up and remember that being slow and consistent is better than going fast and flaring things up.

9 Glute And Hip Strengthening Exercises (Stabilize Your Hips and Lower Back)

Glute Strengthening Exercises Breakdown:

  • Backward lunges
  • Sliding backward lunges
  • Hip hinge to leg lift (you can add a band to this exercise)
  • One-legged glute bridge.
  • Glute bridge to band pull-outs
  • Banded side leg raises
  • Banded clamshell
  • Glute max contractions
  • What can be done to ease the transition out of a flare up? I’m going on 8 days of a flare up, and it’s agonizing. Thanks for your reply.

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