Starting An Anti-Inflammatory Diet? Watch this first

Temptations are everywhere. You can’t miss them. The smell of fast-food restaurants around you serving a whole meal in 2 minutes.  You buy a new magazine, flip to the second page, and here’s a restaurant ad showcasing mouth-watering food. Opened Pinterest? “not so healthy” recipes everywhere (unless you’re following my boards then you’re in good hands). Even the mail is packed with flyers of pizzas, burgers and the latest specials all for under $7 bucks.


For those of us who have no motivation to eat healthy but just wanna “try” this whole eating healthy thing. I say good luck to you. ‘Try to eat healthy’ simply won’t cut it. You need something stronger than that.


If you found this post because you’re just looking for anti-inflammatory diets or foods to eat please check out this post here, and here for that. While I will include some amazing foods you can start with to reduce inflammation, I want to handle something else in here. I want to talk about the little-known things (that you’ll usually only find out about after you’ve started the diet) that will come up to challenge you every step of the way.

So here’s what will come up:

  • You’ll be very hungry. You’ll start craving a lot of foods you didn’t even know you liked (especially the first few days).
  • For some reason, you’ll get more invites to dinners, events, and parties. You’ll feel like the world is conspiring against you to quit.
  • You’ll be exposed to foods you can’t eat while on your diet. And it will be awkward to say no to them when it’s the only thing on the table.
  • Being called a picky eater. A lot. Regardless of how much you explain why you’re doing it. Unless you use the perfect line I share in the video below.
  • You’ll have to spend more time in the kitchen preparing your own food.
  • Ordering food won’t be easy. You’ll need to make a lot of changes to make things work for you and some restaurants just aren’t that flexible.

I’m not trying to discourage you not to start eating better. I followed the GAPs diet strictly for 2 months before starting to slowly add in some foods. It changed my health for the better and I am 100% all about eating an anti-inflammatory nutrition to support your healing.

But it’s just good to know so you can prepare for things. Failing to plan is planning to fail. And you need to plan for the mental part too. You will face temptations and it’s good to know in advance how to respond to them.


We are always enthusiastic when we start new programs but it’s so easy to quit in the middle when we’re challenged or things get hard don’t you agree? Below the video, I’ll also include links to recipes to help you eat delicious foods while following any anti-inflammatory protocol or diets like the GAPS, or AIPs.


Watch This Before You Start An Anti-Inflammatory Diet + Best Foods To Eat

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Take a minute to write me a comment below of 1 or 2 things that resonated with you the most. And also what you’ve found challenging since you started eating healthy to heal inflammation.

PS: I read and respond to all comments 🙂