3 Back Pain Stretches to Eliminate RIGHT NOW! (save your spine)

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And speaking of Pinterest, did you know that one of my most popular posts is about back pain stretches? That tells me a lot.

Not sure why we’ve been fed this lie that stretching will just fix all our back pain.  “Do these stretches and you’ll feel strong, flexible and fit…you just have to do these stretching every time you feel pain”. Eyeroll.  If we do that math, you’ll be stretching every hour on the hour. Quick-fix red flag.

As a former stretchnitis sufferer, I can tell you that stretching 10 times a day doesn’t work.

Does Stretching Fix Back Pain?

If you know me, or if you’re new here, I’m all about fixing the root cause of your back pain, building strength and a fit balanced body. I don’t like quick fixes. I use them, but I don’t like them in a sense that that’s all I’m gonna do.

So in today’s blog post I’m gonna show you the stretches you need to eliminate RIGHT NOW if you have back pain, so please stick around. There is a video for you as well, explaining this in detail if you experience back pain flexing, or extending.

3 Back Pain Stretches to Eliminate Right Now

I’m gonna share with you the video here first, but if you can’t watch it right now, keep reading for a video summary.


How to Stretch with a Bulging Disc

  1. You want to find out what kind of bulge you have. The best way to find out is through an MRI, but you need to know what direction the bulge is facing: anterior (facing inwards towards the body), posterior (facing the back), or facing the sides.
  2. Having this information will help you create the right recovery plan for you, including the right stretches.
  3. You don’t want to do stretches or exercises creating more damage and feeding the imbalance. If you have a disc bulge facing the back, any aggressive movement pushing that disc further out will create more pain, more damage, and more flare-ups. Not fun.

Back Pain Stretches to Eliminate

Alright so let’s break down the types of disc bulges and the exercises and stretches to avoid:

  • Anterior disc bulge facing inwards: A person with this type of bulge will experience a lot of pain hyper-extending. An example of stretches or exercises to avoid are:
    • Prone Cobra
    • Hyperextension exercises at the gym
    • Backbends (stretch)

I realize some of these exercises are great, and helpful in restoring posture but it’s the movement that we want to eliminate. If a certain movement is helping push the disc out and is not helping you heal faster, what’s the point of doing it?

  • Posterior disc bulge facing backward: A person with this type of bulge will experience pain flexing their spine or bending forward. Probably experience a lot of tightness in the hamstrings too. So you want to avoid doing these:
    • Crunches – if you’re doing these, please stop.
    • Standing straight and bending forward to reach your toes so you can stretch your lower back and hamstrings (stretch)
    • Lying down and bringing your knee to your chest, or both knees towards your chest and hugging your knees (stretch)

“WHAAT, I’ve been doing these all the time”

I know this may be shocking to you but think of it this way. If you were to stand up and repeat the movement of bringing your knee towards your chest and hugging it, will this be painful for you? If yes, then WHY are you recreating the same movement lying down? It will create the same result. The stretch reflex will make you feel relief for a little while, but the moment you stand up and move, the pain is back, sometimes a lot worse.

Final word

As a final note, I want to say that having a disc bulge and being in pain is no fun, I know it. But please be aware that you won’t be able to do everything when you’re trying to heal your body. Be aware of your current limits, and work within those limits so you can enjoy the activities you can do right now.

With time, patience and persistence, you WILL get better, and you will be able to resume all of your normal activities, do yoga and your backbends but I simply don’t want you to rush into them too quickly because that’s how you stay stuck in the flare-up cycle. And if you need 1:1 help with all of this, please check out my coaching program. I know I can help you get better faster, build strength and get back in shape safely and injury-free.