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Build lean muscle workout

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Hey guys,

So as many of you may know, I am a huge fan of working out from home. I am also a huge fan of going to the gym 🙂 I find that both have their advantages so I use both means to help me reach my fitness goals to build lean muscle, and continue gaining strength.

If you want to know how to build your home gym for free or cheap. Check out my post here. Now, I know that many of you want to build lean muscle in addition to burning fat. If you are just trying  “shrink” by cutting calories and dieting, then you will have to be okay not achieving a toned strong body. It just won’t happen. When people go through long period of dieting and see the weight go down fast, what actually happens is that, they lost a lot of water and muscle and some fat. This is a weak unhealthy way that gives you that “skinny fat” body look.  This was my first experience with weight loss.

Now, in order to maximise fat loss and building lean muscle. You want to incorporate high intensity training. If you are already lifting weights, that’s great. If not, then you can totally get lean with your own bodyweight, granted you keep the intensity up and challenge yourself, everytime.

In this workout, all you need is couple of dumbbells. I used 10 lbs dumbbells and used several techniques to actually make them very challenging.

The techniques that I used in this workout are:

  • Density reps: in the lunge, I stayed as low as possible. This increased the load on the quads, as I reduced the rest time in between each rep.
  • Holds: Again, allows for increase in the load, and challenges your stabiliser muscles
  • Compound movements: Exercises that work more than one muscle group. A lunge will work your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core.
  • Isometrics: the muscle is fully contracted, yet not moving [no change in length]


Supersets: 4 sets, back to back. Little to no rest in between

  1. Pushups, 5 reps
  2. Figure 8 shoulder press-outs, 8 reps

Take one minute rest

Amrap (As many reps as you possible): 15 minutes

  1. Side to side lunge, 12 reps each side
  2. Renegate pushups, 5 reps
  3. Reverse lunge, 8 reps each side
  4. Mountain climbers, 50 reps
  5. Figure 8 squats, 8 reps. Both sides count as one rep

Burnouts: Hold to failure or to one minute

  1. Wall squats – each leg
  2. Isometric curls
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dumbbell press outs






Figure 8 shoulder pressouts: Hold the dumbbell with both your hands and press firmly to increase tension in your shoulders. Raise your arms towards one side and make a figure 8. Do 4 reps in one direction, and 4 in the opposite direction. Make sure you are not using your lower back to complete the movement. Your core should be engaged throughout the movement and shoulders are contracted.















renegate pushups










mountain climbers











figure 8 squats


Figure 8 squats: get in the squat position, squeeze your glutes, legs and core. Pass the dumbbell in between your legs and around them in a figure 8. Stay as low as you can, with proper form and abs engaged.









wall squats










Isometric bicep curls: One powerful exercise to tone up your biceps. Stand with core fully engaged. Bend your arms to 90 degrees. Keep your elbows close to your body and hold with your biceps contracted. Keep breathing until your arms are reaching failure and drop the weights slowly.  NOTE: This exercise should be used as a burnout at the end of your arm workout. Do one set until failure.











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  • Kristi says:

    Love this post, Sofia! I have never heard of the figure 8 shoulder press out move before, but I’m going to have to try it! I’m always looking for great shoulder exercises.

    And, I dig the part about nutrition and dieting. I’ve found that my most impressive changes to my physique have come from those times that I ate to fuel my workouts and life rather than to lose fat. It’s always encouraging to hear women promoting this (and not the skinny fat route).

    Thanks again for this post! 🙂

    • Coach Sofia says:

      Thank you Kristi! I am glad you liked the figure 8 exercise. I promised myself to only put together exercises that gave me results. A lot of us women can’t see nicely defined toned arms because we either keep the weights too light, or we don’t keep the intensity up and challenge the muscle enough to trigger growth. So while I only had 10 lbs db laying around, i wanted to show everyone that you can still boost the intensity by using exercises like the figure 8s and supersets.
      I also agree that food is what fuels your body and it should be used for that purpose. Starvation was never a solution! #lovemybread haha

  • Joe Ashton says:

    I’ve been searching for a perfect workout routine to tone my muscles a little bit. I’m quite skinny for my height 5’4″ and my weight is just 46kg. I do jogging as a form of exercise but I don’t know what to do to tone my muscles. Thanks for sharing this post. I would be trying these routinwa real soon. Hopefully I can manage. By the way, do you think I won’t get skinnier with those routines?

    • Coach Sofia says:

      Hey joe,
      Jogging for long periods of time can unfortunately work against your muscle gains. I would switch more to strength training and minimize steady state jogging. You can also do interval runs where you run for 30-40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds. The latter will give you all the benefits of running while preserving your muscle tone. And any routine that challenges your body will help with strength and muscle building (bodyweight and weighted). Hope that helps

  • Thanks for sharing. I can now work out on my own.

  • Fantasti!. I will be bookmarking this blog post for future reference when I’m feeling uninspired. Thank you!

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