How To Quickly Recover From Crippling Piriformis Syndrome, Chronic Hip And Lower Back Pain...And Remain Pain-Free For Years To Come.

Hey there. I'm Sofia!

And I'm here to help you fix piriformis syndrome and chronic lower back pain, once and for all...

Even if you've tried everything under the sun and nothing worked.


The program you're about to discover helped me fully heal after 7 painful years of crippling piriformis and lower back pain...

... and helped many of my clients get their health and life back too.

If you're new to my world and not 100% sure who I am...

I'm a certified strength coach and corrective exercise trainer.

And over the past few years, I’ve been helping women and men get long-lasting relief from chronic lower back pain, piriformis syndrome and hip pain by fixing the root cause of their pain.

Fixing the root cause allowed my clients to break free from short-lived treatments or quick-fixes for good while living a happy pain-free lifestyle.

Let me ask you this.

Do you wake up every day and wonder...

... if you’re ever going to break free from the pain?

Are you sick and tired of being shuffled around, from one clinic to the next...

... one opinion to the next. And no real information about what's truly triggering the pain?

Tired of information overwhelm?  

Every day, you're reading a ton of blog posts, articles, watching videos... 

...You're doing all kind of stretches. Yet, still no idea why the pain won't go away.

Tired of putting your whole life on hold because you can’t function with the pain? 

And you're constantly worried if going for a quick walk will flare your piriformis or lower back again?

If you answered yes to any of the above, The Build Your Body Back program is exactly what you need.

You'll skip months or even years of frustration by learning exactly how to stop the nagging hip and back pain and... to eliminate frequent flare-ups (and the need for short-lived treatments focused on treating the symptoms). 

By the end of the program, you should also be able to resume exercise safely and injury-free.

Here's How To Fix The Root Cause Of The Pain And Get Long-Term Relief...

The BYBB program contains 6 main Modules that you can complete in 8 weeks that'll help you fix the underlying pain triggers...



The first step in the program is to investigate the root cause of the pain, and find out exactly why you keep getting flare-ups. This module is the most important one and you'll get a ton of clarity. You will:

  • Discover exactly what keeps triggering piriformis or hip pain. Once you know’ll stop wasting your time and money on treating the symptoms and move your focus on fixing the underlying root cause.
  • Learn why moving makes the pain worse (moving in and out of your car, driving, going up and down the stairs or walking).
  • Discover why certain postures or positions trigger the pain or make it worse (sitting, standing, twisting). You'll reduce flare-ups once you know why and to fix it.
  • Pinpoint the exact muscular imbalances and postural deviations that have contributed to piriformis syndrome, hip, and lower back pain.
  • Identify your pain threshold so you know how much weight you can lift without triggering pain (lifting items off the floor, boxes, chairs, etc.).



The next step in the program is to show you how to eliminate the pain triggers identified in Module 1.

  • How to sit, stand and lie down without constantly triggering pain. (You'll no longer need cushions, special chairs or gadgets to help you get through the day).

  • 3 harmful, and very common postures, you need to fix right now.
  • How to perform day-to-day activities pain-free we'll cover everything from cleaning and vacuuming, opening doors or windows, bending over, and pushing carts...).
  • 11 spine and hips maintenance techniques you must follow remain pain-free and avoid flare-ups.



Now that you know how to avoid flare-ups and day-to-day pressure and pain. This module is the first step in restoring proper muscle function and fixing muscular imbalances. This is crucial to fix the underlying cause.

  • How to effectively release tension from tight and overactive muscles driving your hips and spine out of alignment.

  • Learn how NOT to stretch and foam roll to avoid weakening your muscles even more, creating a never-ending cycle of flare-ups.
  • The 3 stretches you need to avoid altogether. (almost all my past clients were doing these on a daily basis!)



You'll get 9 corrective exercise routines (or as I call them...progressions). These corrective exercise routines aren't like anything you've tried before. I've personally designed them and filmed them so you follow along with me step-by-step. They will help you:

  • Rebuild your spine and hip’s stabilization system that’s going to protect you from re-injury and pain in the future.
  • Allow the piriformis muscle to finally relax and resume its normal function and break free from symptom-focused treatments and quick-fixes. This will happen naturally as we work on rebuild your hip strength.
  • Get active and workout with complete confidence and zero fear knowing you’ve built a solid support system that’ll shield your hips and lumbar spine from damage.
  • Maintain your pain-free state and avoid a relapse with restorative maintenance home exercises.



Module 5 is the last step inside the program. And you'll learn:

  • How to resume activity or exercise and even get into the best shape of your life safely even if you’ve spent years in pain.
  • How to safely tone up your muscles with light to medium weights.
  • Learn exactly how to keep your body safe and healthy at the gym.
  • What to do before and after your workouts to remain pain-free as you get back in shape.
  • Bonus: 14 low impact exercises to tone up your arms and legs from home - no weights required!
  • Bonus: how to warm-up your legs before working out to avoid injury.



Module 6 will help you create a healing mindset that'll support your new state of being...

  • Conquer the fears and limiting thoughts that have developed over the months or years of living with chronic pain. Beliefs like “I’m doomed”, “I have to learn to live with this”, “I’ll never be able to get in shape again”.
  • How to use visualization to rebuild a healthier stronger body and retrain your nervous system to stay pain-free.

If you’re sick and tired of:

The never-ending cycle of flare-ups and pain... 

... too many treatments, adjustments, and pills that only work for the short-term...

... being shuffled around from one therapist to the next, while they just massage the pain away until the next treatment...

Then, the search is over.  This program is exactly what you need.

Prior to becoming a strength coach and corrective exercise trainer, I was exactly like you. 

In 2011 I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome, a disc herniation, and spinal arthritis. I spent all my savings on treatments.

And I literally tried everything you can think of. If you're familiar with my story you know that I was able to completely heal and get my life back.

I’ve been flare-up free for mover than 3 years now

I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a therapist, and it is all because I know how to keep myself pain-free...

This program contains everything you need to achieve similar if not the same result.

You’ll no longer rely on therapies or adjustments focused on treating the symptoms...

You’ll finally know how to get pain free and how to stay pain free...

And the best part...I’ll also show you how to get back in shape safely and injury-free.

That's Why I'm Also Adding These Amazing Bonuses 



After you complete the program, you’ll have access to the full Back Pain Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is a 6-week low impact fitness program to help you get back in shape safely and injury-free. The investment to join the Bootcamp is $117 and you'll get it as a bonus (free!) inside this program.

The Bootcamp contains a ton of resources to help you reach your health goals faster (stretch flows, postural therapies, and a 4-week anti-inflammation meal plan).

Back Pain Bootcamp


Lifetime Access

You'll have unrestricted, lifetime access to both the BYBB, and the Back Pain Bootcamp. In addition, all coaching call recordings will be available to you to watch and re-watch at any time and whenever you want to review them.


8 Weeks of Emails Guidance

When you join the program, you will get an email every week for 8 weeks to guide you through each module. You’ll not be guessing or wondering which videos to watch. Just follow my guided emails

Here's why you need this program right now!

Listen, if you keep on looking for the next quick-fix (more stretching, massages, adjustments or pills), it's exactly like patching a crack on a wall without looking at what's causing that crack and fixing the foundation.

At one point the whole wall with collapse and the 'patch and go' approach won't work anymore.

By identifying and fixing the underlying cause, you'll save years of frustration and avoid more tissue damage and injuries that can force you into surgery.

By following the steps in the program you'll break free from piriformis syndrome, hip and lower back pain, and show you how to remain pain-free so you can resume living a normal life.

I know you may feel like... Well, I've tried everything there is to try...following everyone’s advice...but I'm still in pain.

So how is this any different?

Should I just wait to visit the next clinic?

Here's my answer...


It is different because that's the exact reason why I created this program. I experienced the exact same frustrations for 7 painful years

This program is exactly what I wish I had back when my chronic pain journey started.

Let me tell you... I’ve wasted 7 years of my life in this cycle and no one was able to help me.

It was the same regurgitated information... Everyone was guessing and giving me the exact same generic exercises and stretches to do at home.

If you don’t want to waste any more of your time and you’re 100% committed to getting pain-free, this is it.

I've included everything you need to show you how to break free from the pain and remain pain-free for years to come…

And I am willing to back up this program with my personal guarantee…

After going through the full program and applying everything you’ve learned, you should achieve the following: understand clearly what’s been causing your pain, know what to do to reduce flare-ups and fix muscular dysfunctions,

... you start to feel stronger and more in control of your body,

…you know how to keep yourself pain-free,

…you understand how to resume exercise safely and injury-free,

If you don't, then reach out to me and I’m willing to personally coach you one-on-one to help you get all the above results. This is a big guarantee. I know this program can help you and I'm willing to back it up with this personal guarantee.

This is a life-changing program and I am committed to helping you reach your health goals. I just need you to also commit and apply everything you’re learning inside the program.

This program is exactly what's included in my 1:1 coaching program


The investment to work with me one-on-one to complete this program is $667/month  

Why did I decided to create this more accessible option?

First of all, I can only coach 4 clients one-on-one.

And second, the information in the program has transformed not just my health but my clients health too.

I've seen some amazing transformations that brought tears to my eyes.

So I made the decision to create these two options so I can help more people at more accessible prices. 

Now, you should know that this is the very first time I do this. 

I will still limit the number of clients inside the program.

This is the only way to get access to the BYBB program outside of 1:1 coaching.

There is no guarantee that this offer will stay up for too long.

Here’s what happens when you sign up

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the access link to the program. You’ll be able to get started right away.

All the coaching videos are available inside the membership area, so you can watch and re-watch the videos as many times as you want.

There are 6 Modules inside the program, and I will be sending you a weekly email to guide you through them through 8 weeks starting today.

When you have a question, just reply back!

There is no rush to complete the program because you have lifetime access you can stay in one Module as long as you wish until you fully implement what you’re learning.

The goal is to get you feeling better by Module 4 as you start fixing the postural and muscular imbalances and restoring your health back.

Ready To Get Started?

Join The Build Your Body Back Today!
  • Full 8-week coaching program. Available online 24/7. Lifetime access.
  • Full access to the Back Pain Bootcamp ($117 value). Home-based, low impact exercise routines.
  • Weekly email coaching for 8 weeks. Direct guidance and feedback from Sofia
  • Montly coaching calls with Sofia + recordings available. 

Original $997

Only 4 Payments of $97

Or pay $297 in full and save.

One time payment (lifetime access) 



Meet Current and Past Clients!


Each and every penny spent on Sofia’s program was worth it

Earlier this year, I had the worst back pain flare up I’ve ever had and while researching I found Sofia on Instagram. When I decided to join the Build Your Body Back program I didn’t know if it would work for me.  BUT let me tell you…Each and every penny spent on this program was worth it. It exceeded my expectations. My lower back pain started decreasing and I got back into working out and NO FLARE-UPS! I truly enjoyed working with Sofia because she listens and truly cares about you as a person. She is right there with you every step of the way guiding you.

Another recent update from Wendy!


Oh my gosh, so many positive changes and Goodbye SI Joint Pain

The things I learned have been life-savers. The personal interaction and advice were priceless. My piriformis issues have been reduced by at least 50%.  Thank you.


I didn’t know whether I’d learn anything new

I highly recommend working with Sofia. Finally, someone who understands all aspects of piriformis syndrome and the impact it has on everyday life.  I’ve previously been overwhelmed with information online and from many, many different healthcare professionals but with Sofia’s help I feel more in control and am heading in the right direction on my healing journey.


I thought it'd be impossible to figure out where my pain was coming from

Sofia is a compassionate coach that has been through the chronic pain journey herself! I have had hip pain and sciatica that no doctors, blood tests, or MRI’s could figure out. According to all of them, I was a normal woman and they shrugged me off as just needing to maybe try some yoga or some type of relaxing exercise.

I had hit rock bottom, I was frustrated, sick of doctors appointments and copays, sick of trying diet and exercise programs that left me in worse condition than before. Then I happened to find Sofia’s YouTube channel and website and that was the changing point in my journey. It was a no-brainer to try Sofia’s program! I thought it would be impossible to figure out just where my pain was coming from as all the doctors I had seen could never give me a definite answer on the subject. During the first couple weeks inside Sofia's program Build Your Body Back, I couldn’t believe I finally pinpointed exactly where my pain was coming from and the areas of instability and weakness I have.


After 4 weeks I feel so much better. I'm not 100% there yet but I am confident I'll be there soon. 

A regular Physical Therapist doesn’t have time to listen. Sofia is very intuitive, knowledgeable and a great listener. I realized exactly what to do efficiently for my piriformis pain. 

Lucia Garcia 

Sofia is always my go-to source whenever I have a question about health or how to exercise to prevent injuries and pain. I appreciate that she’s talking the talk and walking the walk, it encourages me to do the same for my own health.

Your whole life will change once you fix the underlying imbalances and understand exactly how to get pain-free.

Results: You'll eliminate flare-ups... get long-term relief...and you'll learn how to keep yourself pain-free which is the most important spte.

And that's not all. You’ll even know how to get back in shape safely and injury-free.

Here’s the deal. You’ve wasted enough time:

… feeling stuck in information overload...

… putting your whole life on hold because of the pain...

… paying for therapies or drugs that only treat the symptoms giving you very short-lived relief.

How many more months or years are you willing to stay in this cycle?

If conventional advice worked, you wouldn’t be here today reading this. Heck, I’d probably still be stuck right where I used to be.

Once you go through this program, you’ll have a very clear idea why nothin ghas worked so far... to move without triggering the pain, to avoid flare-ups,

...and also how to resume exercise safely and injury free so you can get back in shape.

You are about to discover the foundation of building a pain-free, strong, and balanced body.

This should not be a hard decision to make.

Every single module you go through will give you powerful tools and strategies that’ll save you thousands of dollars in therapies (on-going adjustments, years of massages, physio, special chairs, or even surgery). and years of unnecessary pain.

Making the price of this program a very small and wise investment in your health.

My primary goal is to help you get your health and life back without relying on quick-fixes for the rest of your life.

I’m obsessed with seeing my clients succeed, and I’ll do everything I can to help you get there.

Original $997

Only 4 Payments of $97

Or pay $297 in full and save.

One time payment (lifetime access) 


Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing has worked before, how is this any different?

How much time do I need to put in to see results?

Is this gonna be more work to add to my plate?

Who is this NOT for?

What if I don't like it? Can I get a refund?

What if I need one-on-one help?

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