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Let Me Take You By The Hand And Show You Exactly How To Fix Piriformis, Hip and Lower Back Pain And...

How To Remain Pain-Free For Years To Come

Hey, Sofia here.

Prior to becoming a certified coach, I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome, a disc herniation and spinal arthritis. I was in constant, debilitating, pain and I struggled for 7 long years. 

Shortly after pursuing my dream to become a strength coach, I was able to heal myself naturally. And I've been completely pain-free for more than 3 years since then.

To successfully heal once and for all, you must investigate and fix the muscular imbalances and weaknesses, postural deviations, and joint stressors. 

This is where the majority of people get stuck... Focusing mostly on addressing the symptoms and massaging the pain away.

Result? Short-lived relief.

And this is where I come in.

I'll personally show you how to fix the underlying muscular weaknesses and postural deviations that have contributed to the pain. Once you fix them, you'll achieve long-term relief.

I'll also show you how to avoid developing more imbalances and weaknesses in the future so you can remain pain-free...

At this time, there are 3 ways we can work together:

1. One-Off Sessions: 1 spot available per week. 45-60 minutes. Single sessions are very specific and focused on one area you need the most help with. You'll submit your questions in advance. You'll receive a one-on-one coaching call with me and a follow-up report with the session notes, additional resources and personalized feedback. 

The investment of one-off sessions is only $157 USD.

2. Monthly Email Coaching: You'll receive one complimentary assessment call. After that, all coaching is done via email.

I'll create a customized plan for you based on my findings during the assessment (with videos to show you how to do the exercises).

You can email me throughout the week with your questions and I'll answer them within 24 hours.

We'll work closely together to get the pain under control, and to fix the muscular and postural imbalances and deviations I identified. Once we achieve that and based on your health and fitness goals, I'll keep altering the plan to help you get in shape safely and injury free.

The investment of monthly email coaching is only $350 USD/month.

*Usually, I reply to clients' email early in the morning (right after my morning routine). If you email me during the weekend, you'll get my reply on Monday morning. 

3. Monthly Live Coaching: If you'd like to also speak to me live (or via phone) twice a month, then live coaching is for you. 

Some of my clients love to speak to me directly and want to show me how they're performing the exercises so they can get my direct feedback.

You'll get two 45-60 minute live calls with me each month, in addition to the email coaching. 

The investment of monthly live coaching is only $667 USD/month.

This program isn't for everyone. I work with a handful of one-on-one clients each month to make sure they're getting my full attention. I'll do everything I can to help you get pain-free and improve your health but I also need you to come committed and ready to follow my advice and guidance.

How To Sign up

Click the link below to apply for a one-off session or monthly coaching. You'll receive a confirmation email within 1-5 minutes to let you know I've successfully received your application.

Once I review your application and make sure we're a good fit, I'll email you with next steps to get you all set up to book your first call with me!

If you don't receive an email from me within 24 hours, please check your SPAM/Junk folders or email [email protected]

One-on-one coaching will close up once the available spots are full. 

*There is no long-term commitment. If you feel you've received all the help you need, let me know before the next billing cycle. You also have full control over your monthly membership inside the Client Portal. 


Meet Current and Past Clients Inside my Coaching Programs!


Each and every penny spent on Sofia’s program was worth it

Earlier this year, I had the worst back pain flare up I’ve ever had and while researching I found Sofia on Instagram. When I decided to join the Build Your Body Back program I didn’t know if it would work for me.  BUT let me tell you…Each and every penny spent on this program was worth it. It exceeded my expectations. My lower back pain started decreasing and I got back into working out and NO FLARE-UPS! I truly enjoyed working with Sofia because she listens and truly cares about you as a person. She is right there with you every step of the way guiding you.

Another recent update from Wendy!


Oh my gosh, so many positive changes and Goodbye SI Joint Pain

I loved the personal interaction and advice that you gave. To have someone listen and genuinely understand was priceless. I am truly grateful.  The things I learned have been life-savers.  My piriformis issues have been reduced by at least 50%.  Thank you.


I didn’t know whether I’d learn anything new

I highly recommend working with Sofia. Finally, someone who understands all aspects of piriformis syndrome and the impact it has on everyday life.  I’ve previously been overwhelmed with information online and from many, many different healthcare professionals but with Sofia’s help I feel more in control and am heading in the right direction on my healing journey.


I thought it'd be impossible to figure out where my pain was coming from

Sofia is a compassionate coach that has been through the chronic pain journey herself! I have had hip pain and sciatica that no doctors, blood tests, or MRI’s could figure out. According to all of them, I was a normal woman and they shrugged me off as just needing to maybe try some yoga or some type of relaxing exercise.

I had hit rock bottom, I was frustrated, sick of doctors appointments and copays, sick of trying diet and exercise programs that left me in worse condition than before. Then I happened to find Sofia’s YouTube channel and website and that was the changing point in my journey. It was a no-brainer to try Sofia’s program! I thought it would be impossible to figure out just where my pain was coming from as all the doctors I had seen could never give me a definite answer on the subject. During the first couple weeks inside Sofia's program Build Your Body Back, I couldn’t believe I finally pinpointed exactly where my pain was coming from and the areas of instability and weakness I have.


My favorite part is the private coaching!

A regular Physical Therapist doesn’t have time to listen. Sofia is very intuitive, knowledgeable and a great listener. She really can spot what you need to work on just by listening and talking to you. I realized exactly what to do efficiently for my piriformis pain. Thanks to Sofias' coaching I realized what exercises to avoid, what workout is better for me. She really can spot what you need to work on just by listening and talking to you. After 4 session I feel much better.

Lucia Garcia 

Sofia is always my go-to source whenever I have a question about health or how to exercise to prevent injuries and pain. I appreciate that she’s talking the talk and walking the walk, it encourages me to do the same for my own health.