Eating healthy on a budget: the only guide you will ever need

EATING HEALTHY on a budget | cheap healthy food

If you are on a mission to get fit and healthy, you know that eating healthy food is a must to achieve that. You nutrition is actually more important than your workout plan. It counts for 80% of the results.  This fact is probably why most people either can’t see results no matter how many …

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Super Healthy chocolate chips cookies

healthy chocolate chips cookies

Happy October everyone!  This weekend I made this super amazing healthy cookies inspired by my mom :), and I also made a super amazing guilt-free pumpkin pie that you will LOVE! This recipe is super quick. All you need to do is gather and mix the ingredients together. Try to get organic ingredients whenever you …

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Aloe Vera and Turmeric Smoothie Drink

Aloe vera and turmeric drink

Turmeric and aloe vera contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties that’ll help you reduce inflammation, joint pain, and arthritis. While you can definitely consume turmeric or aloe vera dietary pills or powders, it’s always best to get your nutrients from whole foods as you’re getting enzymes and other properties in their raw state…with no processing. Today, we’ll …

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