Fix piriformis syndrome and chronic lower back pain

Depending on where you's a list of all available programs and how they can help you get specific results.

The Back Pain Bootcamp

5-10 minute quick routines to do at home for quick relief. Do them often and keep the pain away. This program is specific for back pain, lower back and hip pain. 

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Build Your Body Back Program

Build Your Body Back is my coaching program. If you're looking for a long-term pain solution. This program will help you permanently fix piriformis syndrome and chronic lower back pain. If you've been in pain for a've tried a ton of treatments and still can't get long-term relief, this is it.

Note: this is a coaching program which includes email coaching and lifetime support. The Back Pain Bootcamp is also included as a bonus!

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The Simple Mind-Body Healing System

If you suffer from chronic stress or chronic fatigue and you feel it's affecting your physical health and increases muscle pain...check out this program.

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