Best Core Sliders and 14 Killer Exercises With Sliders

I think exercise sliders are extremely underrated. When I first discovered them, it was after I was diagnosed with an L5/S1 disc herniation and was experiencing a lot of hip and lower back pain I couldn’t engage in any form of plyometric workouts without triggering a bad flare-up.

High-intensity plyometrics were so effective in terms of getting that fat burn effect and increasing my heart rate up quickly. But they were certainly not helping or supporting my body heal and recover so I had to take a step back and find an alternative way to get the same results without the high impact movements.

I love to workout and exercise and there was no way I was going to stop. I remember being in so much pain and still going to the gym on a daily basis and doing what I can. I believe that movement is medicine and being sedentary is not the answer.
But anyway. That’s how I discovered exercise sliders and they allowed me to workout consistently without putting additional pressure on my joints.

Throughout my fitness journey, I’ve tried a few types of sliders before finding a pair that I liked. Before I list my favorite ones I just want to say that…sliders will challenge your core in a way you’ve never experienced before. Because you’re changing the base of support, your body is going to be using every stabilizer muscle to maintain balance…mainly your core. As a result, if your core is weak, you’ll notice that quickly…

Recommended Program: Deep Core Training – A One Week Plan To Build Strong Spinal Stabilizers.

Best Sliders To Train Your Core

While sliders primarily target the core, they still strengthen the whole body. You can use them to tone up and strengthen your legs, glutes, and even shoulders. I have a video that takes you through 14 exercises that target each of these areas below. But first, here are the best exercise sliders I’ve personally used.

Full disclosure: this post contains some affiliate links. I only mention products I personally have used…and if you purchase using my affiliate link, I get a small commission. You won’t pay more. And thank you for supporting this blog!

SKLZ Slidez Dual-Sided Exercise Glider Discs: These are the best sliders I’ve used so far. They are the same I use in the video below. I love the large surface area which allows me to focus on my workout rather than on what my foot is.

With other circular sliders, my feet would always slide out and I had to reach and pull them back in. It was just very uncomfortable and it disrupted my workouts. These ones are large and super light as well.

Another great thing about these sliders is I use them for upper body exercises as well. You can use them to increase the difficulty of certain exercises like the planks or push-ups. They are not as cheap as the other circular regular ones but they’re definitely worth the money. I’ve been using them for years and they’re still as new.

Core Sliders From ProsourceFit: These are also great sliders from ProsourceFit. They’re very affordable and a little smaller than the ones above. If you have small feet, that may not bother you :). Prosource is a good company, and they have very good customer service.  

How To Workout With Exercise Sliders

Before I share with you the exercise routines… I just want to include some very important tips to make sure you use the sliders safely because they’re definitely much more challenging than bodyweight or even weighted exercises. Yes, they’re low impact. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hurt yourself while engaging with them.

How To Prevent Injury When Using Sliders

  1. Start with fewer exercises (2-3) until you’re comfortable to add more. I’m giving you 14 exercises below but please don’t do them all at once.
  2. Maintain proper form at all times. If you feel challenged that you’re sacrificing form, you’ll end up compensating and increasing the risk of injury.
  3. When performing exercises like the plank with the sliders, don’t sag or drop your lower back. The sliders will challenge your core at a whole new level so I’d actually recommend you start with some deep core stabilization exercises before transitioning into the core exercises.

10 Low Impact Core Exercises Using Sliders

I’m sure if you’re not familiar with sliders, you may feel confused or not sure how to use them. I have been able to substitute a lot of my old high impact exercises with them. I came up with at least 14 different ways to use them in my workouts. Below I’ll introduce you to these exercises…

Scroll below the video for exercise instructions and additional tips on how to perform these exercises properly.

Best Slider Exercises Breakdown

Legs - Beginner

Reverse backward lunges: The sliders make bodyweight lunges extra challenging. If you can’t use weights, this is a great leg strengthening exercise.

Legs - Intermediate

Alternating backward lunges: When you’re ready, you can move to alternating backward lunges. Make sure you maintain stability and balance.


Plank Slide-ins: Make sure you’re not dropping your lower back. Keep your core and glutes engaged at all times.

Full Body

Mountain climbers: Keep your core engaged and complete each repetition with full control.

Plank - Intermediate

Plank knee to elbow: This exercise works the deep core and the obliques. Make sure you’re not flexing your spine and keep your core engaged.

Abs - Obliques

Sliding leg crossovers: Another great exercise to strengthen the obliques and inner core.

Lower Abdominals

Sliding frogs: This exercise targets the lower abdominals and will help you open up your hips.

Arms and Core

Spiderman pushups: If you want to add MORE challenge to your push-ups, this is an amazing advanced push-up variation.

Core and Glutes

Plank in and outs: Keep your glutes tight.

Abdominals and Core

Plank to pike: Don’t drop or round your lower back. Make sure you’re using your glutes and core to stay stable and balanced.


One leg bridge slide: This is an advanced version of the bridge exercise. The sliders activate and integrate the hamstrings along with the glutes. Before moving to the one-legged bridge slides, make sure you’re doing the bridge exercise right. (the link will take you to a full bridge exercise tutorial).

Shoulders and Core

Plank reach (beginner version): This is an example of an upper-body slider exercise. This exercise will strengthen and activate your core and shoulders.

Quads and Glutes

Side Lunge: Another lunge variation with the sliders.

Of course, don’t do all of these exercises at once. Pick 1-3 to start with. Take your time with each repetition and pay attention to your form. It’s very important to not sacrifice form and maintain balance. If you’re having trouble maintaining balance, that means you need to work a little more on strengthening your core. Check out the resources below to help you with that: