5 Things you Need to Know to Cure Lower Back Pain

I have yet to meet one person who was able to successfully cure lower back pain after following one treatment plan.


If you have piriformis syndrome and/or suffer from any chronic back pain condition, you probably spent at least 3 months between therapy visits, jumping through hoops to get a scan done and get to the root cause of the pain. The typical person spends years going in circles and recycling old treatments (and empty naproxen boxes).


I completely understand the fear of not knowing if you’ll ever heal for good. Because just when you think you’re getting better, you get hit by another flare-up.


I spent 7 years trying all kinds of treatments with zero knowledge or sense of direction. Gotta try a few things to find the right cure right? That’s a good attitude to have. But honestly, getting pain-free sooner and saving more money in the bank would’ve been good too.


To successfully cure lower back pain, you need to be in charge of your recovery. So today I want to share with you some super important steps that every single person with back pain and piriformis syndrome needs to know. Whether you’re already seeing a therapist or just about to book an appointment with a new one, I want you to keep these things in mind (that I’ll share in the video) on your next visit.


Below you’ll also find a bonus guide that supplements the video. It dives deeper into some of the things I talk about in the video and how to fast track your recovery by knowing exactly what each treatment needs to have. You can download it below, and by signing up you’ll also get some extra resources for lower back pain 🙂

5 Things you need to know to successfully cure lower back pain & piriformis syndrome

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Again once you watch the video, download the free guide, go through each guideline and reflect back on your past and present treatments.

Is anything missing from your current treatment? let me know in the comment below and also tell me what you’re going to do about it. Nothing changes if you decide not to take action.