Discover The Most Effective Way To Get Long-Term Relief From Lower Back and Hip Pain... And How It Can Help You Stay Pain-Free For Life...

This may be the most important page you'll ever read today, and in just a few minutes You'll understand why...

Here there, I'm Sofia...

And I’d like to make a confession…

I haven't set foot in a therapy clinic for more than three years (the last time I remember seeing a physio was in 2015)...all while keeping myself completely pain-free. This may not sound surprising, but what if I told you that...

In 2011 I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome... Then in 2013, I had an L5/S1 disc herniation, and I was also diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (a rare spinal arthritis). My whole life revolved around the pain.

I was told that if I don’t take strong meds to suppress my immune system, my discs and hip joints would fuse up (and a wheelchair will be waiting for me).


Thankfully my arthritis went on remission, and was able to heal naturally without drugs or surgery (it took years of learning and trial and error). And now...


I'm able to workout at the gym, run my coaching business and enjoy the little a walk at the park without the need to pause and stretch every 10 minutes.

You may be asking yourself how I'm able to remain pain-free?

Well...I’ve been following a few critical (yet simple) strategies which have kept my spine healthy and pain-free. But I had to learn these strategies the hard way...through many years of trial and error and investing in my own education. Nobody shared these with me (sadly).

And now I want to share these powerful strategies with you too...

...I created a very powerful spinal stabilization program (that you can watch in literally half an hour), that'll show you...

how to re-awaken and automatically engage your deepest core stabilizing muscles (responsible for protecting and stabilizing your spine)

Re-awakening your deep core muscles (which most people aren't taught how to do) is the only way to protect your spine from pressure, disc damage, injury and pain… And not just that…

It is also the most effective and cheapest way to keep your lumbar spine healthy and pain-free.

Let me put this into perspective…

If we strip the spine from its support system (the core muscles, the ligaments and the tendons), it would collapse under 20 pounds of load. Dysfunctional and weak core muscles will result in lower back pain, hip pain and injury.

Here's why I created this powerful program..

The main reason is ... I found that the most known and common “core exercises” only work the superficial muscles of your core. And most people don't know how to slowly progress with the exercises so they're building strength and stability.

In fact, a lot of these exercises promote bad posture, and don’t even work your inner core. 

The second reason is... I don’t own a physio clinic, and I'm not a massage therapist. In other words...I’m not interested in “returning clients” so I can keep charging them everytime. My goal with each program I create is to give you the tools you need to heal yourself. This allows me to help at a lot of people and provide a lot of value all at once.

I have no interest in keeping this information away from you.

Core training program

The Essential Core Strength Program

Here's What I'll Show You Inside The Core Strength Program:

  • How a strong core protects your organs and your spine

  • How to keep your spine healthy and pain-free for life
  • What your core is and isn’t (you’ll finally know what you’ve been doing wrong)
  • Why you must stop doing generic abdominal exercises you find online (which may be making the pain worse).
  • How to use the “abdominal punch technique” to avoid flare-ups and move around without pain. (I personally implement this technique on a daily basis).
  • The 7 most effective exercises to activate all your 12 deep core muscles. (these exercises are all you need). Plus an easy to follow, 1-week, done for you bonus plan you can printout and take with you anywhere.

If you implement what I teach you, you'll start noticing a huge different in your pain, and also in the way your're moving without pain.

You’ll experience less flare-ups and less lower back pressure... all while protecting your spine from further damage.

Now, I want to mention that because all my current programs include my personal email guidance, I decided to not promote this training anywhere else outside this page. And you can get it today...while you're here.

And I’m also adding some amazing bonuses. Absolutely FREE!



No more information overwhelm. You’ll get an organized, done for you, 1-week plan outlining the exercises you just learned in the training: when to do them and how many reps and sets.

Print it out if you'd like. The sooner you start implementing the faster you can feel their effect.


My E-book:
Avoid Injury And Move Pain-Free

A great companion to this training. It'll show you how to safely get back into working out without injury or flare-ups. It's yours to keep for free!


A Bonus 'Core Brace' Tutorial

Inside this bonus video, I'll show you how to automatically brace your core and protect your spine without a belt. You'll be able to exercise, lift heavy items, push carts at the supermarket, and move around freely without throwing your back out.

Here's what members are saying about the deep core training...

“I loved this training!

The exercises are simple to do at anytime. I noticed I’m a lot more stable and I can actually feel the change"


“ These exercises helped me reduce my back pain.

“I loved seeing the exercises and the muscles associated with them.  Doing these exercises helped me reduce my back pain. I regularly engage my core and I'm mindfully applying the principles I learned in this training everyday. Thank you, Sofia!"

Gail Pickens-Barger
Yoga with Gailee

“Even my physiotherapist noticed a big difference.

I absolutely love the content. I did lots of physio sessions and nobody explained it like you. a big advantage is that I can watch it several times till all the movements are perfectly clear. I’m delighted with my progress. Even my Physiotherapist noted a big difference since I started. Sofia‘s tutorials are all very clear. Thank you so much, Sofia!"


“ I'm more conscious of my core!

Great training! Doing the exercises made me more conscious of using my core when I'm walking"


Sadly, crunches won't strengthen your core!

Your spine depends on strong and active core muscles to bear load. Yet, Activating your deep core has nothing to do with doing a ton of crunches or even planks. Crunches only work the superficial core muscles (and contribute to bad posture).

If you don't understand how to automatically activate your deep core every time you bend over, twist, lift something up, stand or walk - which is exactly what this program will show you - you'll always end up with lower back pain. And most importantly...

If you have a bulging disc, you must spare your spine so it can heal and recover.

Great! How do I sign up?

Let me ask you... What price would you put on a program that can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on massage therapies, physiotherapies, special belts, or even surgery?

As I said before, my goal is to provide helpful and effective plans and help as many people as possible... That's why I'm making this program so affordable that joining today should be a no-brainer. You can get started today without delay...

This whole program and the bonuses won't cost you $80 (the typical price of one massage session), and not even half of that.

You can access the full program today for just $17 while you're on this page.

It's a small investment in your health that will deliver tremendous benefits


'Sofia...Can I just find this info online'?

 Let me tell you...

I’m sure if you invest hours researching and studying anatomy and physiology textbooks, you’ll learn a great deal about your lumbo-pelvic-hip complex and the Local Stabilization System (inner core).

However... like most people, you may end up in complete information overwhelm, confused and not sure how to implement the information you’ve just learned.

I personally spent thousands of dollars in certifications, books, and courses (and years of trial and error) to get to where I am today. And I'm still investing annually in my own education.

I’ve done the work for you. I’ve tested and designed the exercises...

All you have to do is start implementing the techniques today!

I'm confident this training will help you understand exactly how to avoid lower back pressure, and how to protect your spine from injury.  That's why I'm backing it up with my personal...

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you implement what I teach you and the training doesn't help you, reach out to [email protected] and I'll refund you right away. I only ask that you actually implement the techniques I'll show you. 

Here's how you can get access to the Core Strength Program today...

Once you click the orange rectangular "CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS" button, you'll be taken to a secure checkout page. Fill out a few details and you'll get instant access to the deep core training.
You'll instantly receive a welcome email with your login info. 

When you login, you'll access the full program (you can pause and resume at anytime), access the printable exercise plan and the other bonuses as well.
If you have a question, I'm just an email away!

I hope to see you there,
Stay Strong!

Core training program

P.S: Remember... when you join today you'll have lifetime access to this training. You can watch and re-watch at anytime.

P.P.S: Getting lifetime access means you'll always get instant access to new bonuses I add (which I do quite often), at no additional cost to you. And when the price goes up, you'll never pay again*. 

*I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep the price up. Because I offer feedback and guidance with all my programs (if you email me, I'll personally answer your email), at some point, I will be forced to increase the price to account for that.

 So there is no guarantee you’ll see this offer again.
Click here to get lifetime access to this powerful core strengthening program!

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