Here’s How To Exercise With Lower Back Pain (video)

So you’ve made it to the gym. You’re excited to get started. It’s been so long since you’ve been here. The last few years have been tough but all your hard work and patience paid off and you’re back to it now. No excuses. This year is different! Then the voice goes: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Are you CRAZY? You just started feeling better. You’re definitely gonna throw your back out again.

While that voice in our heads keeps us stuck in our comfort zone. And gives us all the excuses why we can’t do something.  It certainly has its place sometimes. I give her that! As long as you can tell if it’s coming from your intuition, or from your head.

I remember I’d go to the gym, sit on a bench and think twice about each exercise and how it may affect me. I was so tempted to just go ahead, load up the bar and start squatting. I saw all the people progressing and lifting more, while here I am. Lifting less, using dumbbells and feeling sorry for myself.

But the important part is that when I ignored everyone around me, listened to my body and only compared my workout to my last workout, I started seeing progress. Real progress without any setbacks. My body told me when to stop, and I stopped.

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I had a question inside our community Facebook group about this, so I made a video talking about how to exercise with lower back pain, and most importantly how to stay away from flare-ups and injury.

Here’s the video. Oh and don’t forget to check a few other helpful links below the video when you’re done.

How To Exercise With Chronic Lower Back Pain, and Avoid Triggers and Pain After Workouts