Quickly FIX pelvic pain (the one exercise no one is using)

Hi friends!

I am finally sitting down to write on the blog after a busy week putting everything together for the back pain bootcamp. I made a lot of changes to the bootcamp, to make it super easy for everyone to join (small monthly fee vs a one-time payment).

This allows me to coach you daily, and update the bootcamp on a weekly basis with lots of stretches, postural therapies, strengthening exercises SPECIFIC for back pain, hip pain, and piriformis syndrome.  I honestly cannot wait to help you in your healing journey.  Don’t forget to check it out 🙂

Back to today’s blog post..

Do you ever wish there was just ONE thing you can do to help your hip pain right away? Especially if you’re stuck in an office, and you have no space to stretch out.

I wanted to share with you today one of my most favorite postural therapy exercises to help you fix pelvic pain, so you can get some instant relief! I’m talking right afterward, you’ll feel so much better 🙂 I experience it every single time.

This exercise is called the sitting knee pillow squeezes.

What you’ll need to quickly get relief from pelvic pain:

A chair

A pillow. A soft foam block can work as well.

I am using my favorite, comfiest pillow here because I can fold it, and make it extra thick for this exercise 🙂 Again, you can also use a ball or a soft memory foam block. You just want to be able to squeeze it during this exercise.

fix pelvic pain with one simple exercise. Fix hip and sciatica pain with this simple exercise.

Directions: You’ll want to sit on the edge of the chair or the bench. Start by arching your back (rolling your hips forward), and engage your shoulders backward. One important thing here is your knees should be aligned with your hips (one straight line), and your knees right above your ankles. Place the pillow between your inner thighs and start squeezing the pillow, and releasing it slowly. You want your inner thighs to be doing all the work here.

Don’t let your core help you out – “probably the only time you’ll ever hear me say this ;)”

You want to do about 10 repetitions, take half a minute break and repeat for a total of 4 sets.

This exercise activates and strengthens the inner thigh muscles (abductor and adductor muscles), which help stabilize your pelvis right away.

how to fix pelvic pain, sciatica and hip pain with a simple exercise. You can do this in your office or at home. You'll feel low back and hip pain relief right away

Now, place the pillow on the side, and get back up. I’m sure you’ll feel the relief right away!

You want to make sure you repeat this exercise couple more times during the day for faster recovery.  This exercise is also perfect if you have a desk job and struggle to get some movement in. Of course, it doesn’t replace movement completely. You do want to take breaks frequently from your chair, walk around, and get some blood flowing in your joints.

Now, a small disclaimer. Make sure when you are squeezing you are not experiencing “bad pain”. Some discomfort sometimes can be okay, but it should not feel like shooting pain down your leg. Little squeezes can sometimes be better than bigger ones to get started.

I hope you give this exercise a try 🙂 As always leave me a comment below if you liked this blog post.