4 Exercises To Fix Upper Back And Neck Pain (restore posture!)

Well hello!

I’m one day late for this week’s video post. But better late than never 🙂

before I start, I was wondering if you’d be interested in a more behind the scene (vlog) video style? I could share what I eat and what I do each day to stay pain-free.

Just a thought…but I’d love to get your feedback on this. I want my videos to be helpful, informative but also fun to watch.

Back to the post!

So In this week’s video post, I’m sharing with you 4 amazing exercises to help you fix upper back and neck pain…

…you know that stabbing pain right in the middle of your shoulder-blade that you keep getting massages for?

Every time I get pain there, I never stretch or massage that area. I actually do the complete opposite. I work on releasing and stretching my chest and front shoulders (front deltoids), and I strengthen the back areas that hurt.

Your upper back muscles spasm to bring your shoulder back into proper alignment (they’re doing their job), and to avoid getting that constant pain, all you need to do is maintain proper posture alignment, and strengthen your upper back muscles.

Well…why not just massage it and move on?

Well if you just keep massaging your upper back, it’ll keep spasming. The root cause hasn’t been addressed.

The chest muscles have a tendency to tighten up because almost every single activity we engage in requires flexion or rounding our shoulders (texting, typing, driving, reading, doing the dishes, etc.

…so we have to balance that out by strengthening the back muscles and opening out chest up. Makes sense?

I’ll link another blog post to help you do that below the video.

You should do these exercises daily! They’re so beneficial to you even if you don’t have upper back pain. When you re-align your posture and keep your postural muscles strong, they help you avoid compensation and maintain good posture (the stronger your postural muscles are, the longer they can hold you in proper alignment). And that translates into less low back pain.

4 Back Exercises To Fix Upper Back and Neck Pain



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