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Chronic pain and anxiety – How to cope?

chronic pain and anxiety

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited about today’s blog post. I had the opportunity to get my colleague Heidi from nutritionintuition to write specifically for my community about anxiety.  During my experience dealing with low back pain, I experienced severe periods of anxiety. Lack of sleep and constantly being in pain took its toll on my mental well-being and I really did not know what to do about it.  The most important thing that keeps us hopeful when dealing with an injury is our mental strength and so, having the means and tools to deal with anxiety is just as important as any therapy you can do for yourself.

Heidi write about the importance of taking time for yourself, nurturing your body and claiming vitality and energy. Because often times, we end to be harsh on ourselves and we start – subconsciously – feeling as if the body is our enemy for doing this to us.

You can get a copy of her e-book: The 7 Step Formula To Calm Anxiety by clicking this link


Heidi is a wellness coach, mindset shifter, true self seeker, and a nutritionist. She helps women overcome anxiety, negative thinking, and self sabotage so they can stop the worrying thoughts that for far too long have controlled their life. So they can get back to “happy”, so they can lead a life full of positivity, energy and fulfillment, and as their truest self!







Guest Post:

How many of you feel as though if things were different, if your situation was different, if LIFE was different, if you had more time, you’d be that version of yourself you really want to be?

So often we feel as though life gets in the way. With work, kids, family, friends, commitments, responsibilities – whatever it is, there’s always a reason we can’t spend more time on ourselves OR why we feel guilty doing so.

For this reason, we end up missing out on things that would service us as human beings, therefore making us a better mother, daughter, spouse, friend, employee…etc.

If one of your friends came to you and told you they were stressed out, burnt out, not feeling 100% and just felt like they desperately needed a change, you’d probably tell them it sounded like they needed to take some time for themselves.

When it comes to ourselves however, we find it very difficult to take that advice.

Why don’t we practice what we preach?!

You’re probably thinking, But, I can’t because __(insert reason here)__.

From personal experience and a place of love, I would say: That is your choice. We are in control of our priorities and our day and how we feel. If you don’t feel you have time, is that the perception or the reality? There are 24 hours in a day. You can rework your day, or maybe your week to better service YOU. You can get up earlier, you can go to bed earlier, you can take advantage of your lunch break, you can ask for help so you get some time to yourself.

If a Doctor told you “you have 1 month to live and the only way you can avoid the inevitable, is if you take better care of yourself and find time for YOU” …you would make it happen.

You would find a way right? The bottom line is: it is THAT important NOW.

As a wellness coach working with women to overcome anxiety, self care is so important. (it’s something we discuss regularly in my Facebook Group ) It’s important for any woman! (As most of us are multi-tasking superwomen).

Just like there are mandatory breaks at work, you need to take mandatory breaks in life that service you.

You are just as worthy as everything else and everyone else in your life. This means time out of your day or at least your week, where you can participate in something that brings you joy. If that means you have to wake up earlier or rearrange your day so that you can have time to yourself where you don’t need to: plan your day, run to the grocery store, prepare food for yourself or your family, do laundry, check things off your to do list, help your friend/family member with whatever problem they are going through, take care of your kids, get your work stuff done, fulfill obligations you can’t get out of…..whatever it is…..if it means you have to make a shift to get that bonus time for you, DO IT.

Too often we compare ourselves to others and think, well if she can do all that, while looking as great as she does, then I sure as hell should be able to do _(insert a million and one obligations here)_.

Well guess what?

Just like we all have different bodies and different personalities, we all have different tolerance levels for stress. Personally, I get stressed very easily, and I’m not ashamed of that. That’s just me. I’ve learned that I need to practice a lot of self care in order to sustain any amount of stress and so do a lot of other women, we just aren’t doing it.

The point is, no matter how small or how big, it is important that you practice it. Whether it’s making time to workout everyday, to eat in a way that serves your body, or maybe just 10-15 mins a day to yourself….self care is so important to help calm your mind, body and soul.

SO in case you’re finding it difficult to give yourself permission, I AM giving you permission! Just like a doctor would prescribe a stress leave, I’m prescribing you to take the following dosage:

Take 1 x break of self care every day. Or at the very least, 1x a week to start, then increase dosage.

Take care of you if you want to be the best version of yourself.

  • Get Heidi’s e-book: The 7 Step Formula To Calm Anxiety by clicking this link

You can find me at www.nutritionintuition.ca or join the tribe of women who are breaking free from worrying thoughts, self sabotage and negative mindset, rediscovering themselves and finding their “happy” again, so they can lead a life full of positivity, energy and as their truest selves  HERE .


I hope this best was beneficial to you. If you have any questions you can contact me or Heidi for support


Coach Sofia xx

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