Healing Piriformis Syndrome & Low Back Pain through Movement

It may seem like moving while you are experiencing pain is counterintuitive.  Chronic lower back pain and piriformis syndrome are most of the times the fruits of years and years of a sedentary lifestyle, bad posture, unhealthy nutrition, and mindset.

It is impossible to isolate one area of the body and try to fix it.   When an area hurts, the source of the pain is very likely somewhere else.  This is called referred pain and you can research it and find classical examples of it including piriformis syndrome and lower back pain.

Healing Piriformis Syndrome & Low Back Pain through Movement

Engaging in some sort of daily activity will help you immensely in not just healing, but helping your body build itself back.

Movement Teaches you Self Awareness

When you pick up a new activity, whether that’s yoga, stretching daily, or doing low impact exercises, you will start focusing on your body more.  You’ll build more neural pathways and a stronger connection to your body.

If you pay attention to yourself when you exercise (rather than just exercising for the sake of exercising), you’ll start noticing your weaknesses, your posture, and areas where you need to improve on.

I have a story for you, when I first got into health and fitness, I was focusing a lot on building my abs and doing lots of various exercises. Then one day I realized that I never felt my core when doing the plank exercise. My arms were shaking but my core was dormant.  When I fixed my form and actually felt my core, I couldn’t hold the exercise for more than 20 seconds.

It was until I started paying attention that I fixed my form and really started to feel the benefits of the plank exercise.  I wrote a blog post about how to fix the plank here where I discuss this further.

Movement Builds Your Confidence

Do you feel broken and that your body is working against you? That was exactly how I felt a few years ago when trying to heal from piriformis syndrome.  Whatever medication I swallowed or gadgets I bought, It only left me feeling weaker and more broken.

Exercising was a ritual that left me feeling strong, capable and in control.  It didn’t matter what was hurting that day, I still went to the gym, or picked up a pair of dumbbells at home.

Yes, I had many days of arm workouts in a row but at least I moved. My mental state was much better and my body also felt better.

My confidence started growing.  I wasn’t afraid of going for walks, picking up heavier weights and doing more.  I built trust in my body one workout at a time, and one exercise at a time.

Exercising shifts your mindset from broken and weak to feeling strong and capable. You can’t buy that.

Exercising shifts your mindset from broken and weak to feeling strong and capable. You can't buy that.Click to Tweet

The Body is the Mind

…And the mind is the body. When you are exercising and really in the moment, you are in a different zone. You are no longer stuck in the psychologically destructive cycles of constantly thinking about the pain and how hopeless you are.  I noticed that during my workouts, I was no longer feeling victimized by my current state. I was in a different mental state of empowerment and strength.

A great tip is to use that time to feed your mind with empowering audiobooks, videos, and podcasts.

It is SO important to not let your mind be consumed 24 hours a day by the pain, and create this space and time to work on your body as you work on the mind.

How To Get Moving With Low Back Pain and Piriformis Syndrome

I have created several videos talking in-depth about this, so I will link them all below for your reference.  Also, please subscribe to my Youtube channel to get notified whenever a new video is published.

The Ultimate Trio

I wholeheartedly believe that without a healing mindset, the right nutrition, and movement routine, healing becomes difficult to achieve.

If you have the right rehab program that includes everything you need to fix a muscle imbalance but you don’t have the right healing mindset, fail to commit and go back to your destructive thought cycles, you won’t succeed.

Likewise, if you dramatically fail to adopt a healthy whole-food nutrition, that will support your body to heal from within, you will come short in your long-term goals and stay stuck in the never-ending cycle of flare-ups and inflammation.  Exercise is not a substitute for a healthy nutrition.  It will motivate you to eat healthy, yes, but it can’t cover up for putting bad stuff in your systems.

Before I jump to the videos mentioned above, I want to let you know that the Back Pain Bootcamp has been updated last month with some brand new content specific to mindset and nutrition.  I also added more exercise tutorials to help you do the exercises properly. The Bootcamp is a fitness program tailored to healing piriformis syndrome and low back pain.

Here are some of the NEW updates inside the Back Pain Bootcamp:

  • How to Start and Finish Anything – mindset focused video to help you follow through with the program. You’ll learn transformational techniques to help you stick to the routines, stay focused and build momentum. This mindset video is the most important one inside the Bootcamp.
  • How to create an empowering morning and evening routine. Here, I share with you all the things I do daily that helps me stay focused on my goals, build self-awareness and which have supported me to heal from chronic low back pain and piriformis syndrome.
  • Printable PDFs that shows you what foods to include in your nutrition to fight inflammation
  • Bonus Clean Nutrition Handouts. These 5 bonus handouts will help you understand more about what clean eating is, and how to easily incorporate it into your lifestyle.
  • How to Perform Fundamental Exercises video series. If you are not sure whether you are doing an exercise right, these videos are for you. Good form is so crucial to getting results. Remember my plank exercise story?
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing and How to Do It.  Deep breathing will help you activate your core, reduce stress, calm down your nervous system and get into recovery mode. But it’s important to learn how to do it right.

The Bootcamp is constantly being updated with new videos and I am REALLY happy to share these new updates with existing and new members. I always promise to provide my clients with all the knowledge that has helped me personally and also professionally and the Bootcamp is the medium where I get to share it.

To join the Bootcamp, simply click this link. I would love to see you there!

Below you will find the videos…

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