3 Powerful Piriformis and Glutes Strengthening Exercises (that you can do anywhere!)

Before I share with you my 3 most favorite glutes strengthening exercises, I want to quickly let you know that the Back Pain Bootcamp has been updated (Again :)). And I’ve added a step-by-step tutorial on how to assess your glutes and core weaknesses, how to correct your posture, how to use your deep core to protect your spine as well as 2 brand new glutes strengthening routines focused on the glute med and glute max. Check out the Bootcamp here.

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Essentialism (Minimalism) And Exercise

One of the things I’m both fascinated by and obsessed about is minimalism. I got into it when I discovered that I can actually survive with just about 5% of what I owned. I was moving a lot, and to make things easier I rented a storage room at U-Haul and only kept a small suitcase and a couple of backpacks.

Well, a few months went by and I realized that I never needed (or even remembered) the stuff I had in that room. It was such a shock, to be honest. I went back and sold/donated most of it. I felt so much lighter.

Minimalism has helped me focus on the essentials. I now try my best to only buy and keep things I value, love and appreciate.

I’ve been taking it to the gym too and it has helped me have more meaningful workout routines. Here’s how it helped me get stronger and remain pain-free:

  • I Keep my workout routines short. I focus on fewer (essential exercises), and good quality repetitions.
  • I’m more mindful of how each exercise is affecting my body and how my body is responding to the exercises.
  • I’m more consistent at the gym. Haven’t had a flare-up in two years now because I’ve been focusing on the essentials and doing less.

I also practice digital minimalism. Internet advice will keep you stuck in information overwhelm, and doing a bunch of stuff that’s not customized for your body.

I still challenge my body a lot at the gym, but the exercises still remain short. I get sore a lot (good sore), but it’s the consistency that I’m after, not the quantity of what I’m doing in each workout.

So I invite you to do the same. Focus on the essentials and get rid of what’s not helping you. Especially when it comes to healing piriformis syndrome and strengthening your glutes. You want to focus on very few effective exercises and minimize stretching.

3 Powerful Piriformis and Glutes Strengthening Exercises

I’m gonna share with you three essential exercises to keep your glutes strong, activated and fully engaged. You don’t need a laundry list of exercises, you just need the ones that work. This is a perfect piriformis rehab routine to help you fix glute weakness.

Keep it simple

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