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How To Avoid Piriformis Flare-ups In The Future...

Glute weakness is one of the main causes of piriformis syndrome. By strengthenin, re-awakening, and keeping your glutes active, you provide support and stability to your hips and avoid piriformis compensation and muscular imbalances.

To heal from muscular pain, and to stay pain-free, you need to not only work on your
glute strength, but also fix the root cause of the pain... What created piriformis syndrome in the first place.

By fixing the underlying muscular and postural imbalances, you'll break free from the pain for good.

 I show you exactly how to do that inside Piriformis Control.

In less than 10 minutes, I'll show you exactly what keeps triggering and irritating the piriformis (you'll be so surprised to find out what they are), and I'll show you exactly how to fix the cause.

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